“I am in awe of Margaret Singer’s brave attempt to disentangle and illuminate the complex ethical, moral, political, and personal issues raised by her experiences as the child of a Communist, turned ex-Communist, turned informer. One might have thought that enough has beeen written about lives mangled by the McCarthy years, LEGACY OF A FALSE PROMISE shows that one would have been wrong.”

Victor S. Navasky, author of NAMING NAMES

” As the younger son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, I’ve read the stories of dozens of ‘red diaper babies’ who paid a high price for their parents’ refusal to cooperate during the McCarthy period. Until ready LEGACY OF A FALSE PROMISE, I’d never imagined that children of those who ‘named names’ also suffered. Margaret Singer navigates dangerous currents as she addresses both the possibility that her parents spied for the Soviet Union and that her father committed an unforgiveable sing by betraying his friends’ trust. A groundbreaking book and must reading for anyone interested in the subject matter.”

Robert Meeropol, Executive Director, Rosenberg Fund for Children

“What a deep respect I have for this courageous and fascinating book. Told with understanding and compassion for her parents, Margaret Singer never flinches in the face of often troubling information unearthed by her quest. It has the suspense of a spy thrilled and is also an important historic document. I couldn’t put it down.”

Kim Chernin, author of IN MY MOTHER'S HOUSE